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Rexnord Falk LInk-Belt Gear Drives Family 
The Rexnord family of drives can accommodate fractional horsepower up to 10,000 HP, ratios of 1.25:1 to 7052:1 and torque up to 7,500,000 in lbs. 
Falk Concentric         Falk Parallel Shaft                  Rexnord Planetgear      Falk Shaftmount  
 Falk Concentric - Falk Parallel Shaft - Rex Planetgear -  Falk Shaftmount
Rexnord can service the needs of any industrial drives customer - from general industry to mining to agriculture, pulp and paper mills, from recycling materials to power generation plants. Tens of thousands of different gear box configurations are at work right now managing power and speed in operations all over the world. You can rely on Falk´┐Ż Ultramax, Ultramite, Quadrive Shaft Mount, and Rexnord Planetgear drives to deliver picture-perfect performance, right from the start.

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