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Kop-Flex Couplings 


Kop-Flex┬« coupling products offer many standard and customized application designs. KOP-FLEX offers the widest selection of coupling products in the industry, engineered to accommodate a broad range of demanding operating conditions. Kop-Flex is the world leader in mechanical couplings. From the introduction of the Fast's gear coupling in 1918, to more recent design advances in high-performance couplings, Kop-Flex is at the forefront of mechanical coupling design and manufacturing. 


Kop-Flex Gear Coupling Kop-Flex Grid Coupling Kop-Flex Disc Coupling Kop-Flex Elastomer Coupling
Fast's,  Waldron,  Model B, Series H and Slide Gear Coupling Horizontal, Vertical, full Spacer, Half spacer grid couplings Low maintenance, non-lubricated KD Series disc couplings Non-lubricated flexible elastomer couplings, QD and Taper lock


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