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Brewer Tensioners, Idlers and Shafts Inventory Clearance
 This particular single adjusting model incorporates the compactness of a flanged base with the versatility of a rotating arm. Both base and arm have serrated teeth to prevent slippage. As a chain or belt elongates, the arm, which rotates 360°, can be readjusted to restore the original tension. For over 40 years, Brewer has been manufacturing a line of chain and belt tensioners, positioners and idlers for the power transmission industry The Universal Drive Tensioner base mounted series through the use of a rotating arm and adjusting slot permits easy accurately controlled tensioning at any point on a 360° arc, thereby increasing the efficiency and smoothness of operation in chain and belt drives. An added feature is a serrated pad to prevent slippage. Two bolt mounting of the base makes it easily adaptable to most machine frames

 Brewer Machine and Gear Company, founded in 1944, is a manufacturer of The Universal Drive Tensioner, Positioner, and Idler product line, as well as a manufacturer of made-to-order gears and sprockets. For over fifty years Brewer Machine & Gear Company has been manufacturing and marketing a quality line of chain and belt tensioners, positioners and idlers. 


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