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Clipper Belt Fastener Inventory Clearance


Clipper Belt Fasteners from Flexco are the belt fastener of choice in industry. Clipper delivers performance, long life and easy installation.  Clipper Belt Lacing maximizes belt availability and helps keep productivity on a roll. Clipper features quick, economical installation, low-profile fasteners, and a double-staggered-grip pattern that doesnÂ’t degrade the integrity of the belt carcass Clipper belt fasteners operate quietly and interface seamlessly with conveyor components. Since its inception, the Clipper® Wire Hook System has earned a reputation for continued innovation and proven performance. 

Item # Description
  UNIBAR 430/Box 12
01144 U3-1S12 
01283 U4S12 
01305 U5S12 
  Hooks and Pins
02182 3G 
02217 4GNY
02242 1HT12 12/BX
02378 36SS -316

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